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baby /ˈbeɪbi/

[An incredibly precious gift]

Today I wanted to share with you what a new born shoot is like – for me and for you. Gone are the days when I would wake up panicking about the shoot the next morning. I am so grateful that I had so many friends having babies when I first started this journey. I got to practise so much. If you’re a newbie photographer wanting to jump into the wonderful world of new born shoots, my best piece of advice is to offer free shoots to those you know.

There you can practise all the things you need to, without trying to rush through the shoot to make sure you get it all. Newborn shoots take place in your home. Its clean/warm/sanitized. You have all the stuff there. It’s more natural and you’ll feel more comfortable. If you’re looking for a studio setting and a photographer that specialises in Posing to a large degree (think bunny ears/knitted beanies/giant flowers) then I will happily suggest some talented local photographers who are incredible at their jobs.

But if its beautiful, natural light, real moments you’re wanting to document then I would love to do this for you. I’ve had two beautiful kids (you’ll see them all over my IG account) and I would have a hundred more if I could, just so I can take in all that newborn squishiness! When you book your shoot, I will ask you to walk through your home and try to take note where the best light is and when that happens. Morning? Lunch time? Afternoon? Is it in the lounge? The bedrooms? The hallway? Is there a kooky( that's a word)  little corner that is just magical in afternoon light? Then we’ll set up a time that works for you best.

Shoots are pretty relaxed. Although there is no real deadline, I love to ultimately do the shoot before your baby is two weeks to capture all those wrinkles! But it really depends on when you’d like the shoot! You need to feel comfortable so that your baby can be too, so I want to reassure you that it’s ok. It’s ok to drink tea/coffee (I can do the coffee run if you’re a coffee snob like me and need a real cup) or to change outfits and nappies. If you need to feed your baby, then feed your baby. If you have a toddler or other children that just need you to stop and cuddle, that’s ok too. I love it all. Shoots are normally between 1.5hrs to 2 hours but if we need to carry on, that’s ok too! There are no real poses that I need. I might ask you to cuddle your baby and stand facing a certain way, but it’s all pretty natural. And that’s the way it should be. We'll take individual portraits/ family group shots/siblings/in the moment/ a cuddle here and there.

I’ve arrived at shoots where toddlers are just not keen and some how we still get all the beautiful moments documented. I have arrived and a mom has burst into tears because: hormones. And still we manage to breathe, relax and capture all the moments. My point is this. Do the shoot. Whether its with me or another photographer. Do the shoot.

Word of mouth is my best marketing tool – so chat to others who have had a shoot with me and ask them what their experience was. Do the shoot. You will never get those first few weeks back. Do the shoot even though you don’t feel like having photo’s taken, or your clothes don’t fit, or you baby woke you up 12 times last night. It will be worth it, I promise!


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